Friday, 7 August 2015

The tantra therapy

Since thousands years, tantra was and is still the sacred connection of two spiritual bodies.Tantra is the energy of Kundalini, the vital energy that guiding you in life, is connected to your subconsciously sleeping and waiting to be awake. In its essence Tantra is a spiritual path that includes and even celebrates our nature as sexual beings. Tantra is coming from Sanskrit like most words in this ancient Indian language, has many layers of meaning.  The roots of the word include expansion and weaving and in this context these relate to our consciousness. If you think that you are ready to wakeup this energy, you need to know how to use it, you need to meet the right partner to live together an ecstatically union of two spiritual bodies.Once you reached tantra, you know that you are connected to divine, you are a free entity, that nobody can control your mind.  
In all this the Tantric path seeks to be a joyful rather than a overly earnest, ascetic path.  It brings a greater sense of joy, peace and calm into your life and allows you to see the beauty within and all around you.Tantra is making part of yoga lessons, where teacher is helping you to understand exactly the principles of tantra therapy. On the beginning you will start with yoga exercises, with every lesson you will learn more, if you connect with the energies of yoga class you will easily start to wakeup the sacred energy of Kundalini. Kundalini is like a tingling  sensation that is starting from the bottom, exactly on top of sexual organs. You will feel this tingling sensation sometimes, when you have different emotions, when you listen some kind of music, or when you meditate. If you will feel this sensation you are on the right way. Some people are not prepared for this event and once they frequenting yoga class, they will quite,because they cannot find that results that they think, is happening immediately. Is not working like that. You need to open your hart, you need to connect yourself with universe, you need to consider yourself a good person, to have only positive thinkings.Also you can learn some mantras that you repeat daily for about 10-20-30 times, but you need to acknowledge what you repeating in your head. Once you repeat this mantras provided by yoga school you will feel the kundalini energy vibrating up and down in your body. You need to get used with this feeling and appreciate if you reached this level.
If you want to make an experiment to see how is working tantra therapy, you can set-up a wish for yourself, of course it cannot be like" I wish to be president of america" you need to start with little things,for example i wish to be more attractive and all woman's or men to like me, and want me. If you repeat yourself this every day for the numbers mentioned on top of the article, you will see some positive results in the nearest future. Once you repeat this wishes you will feel the kundalini energy vibrating more and more, attracting what you need. This energy is very strong that if is used in the right way,it can be your magic tool to complete all your wishes. Kundalini is connected to tantra with sexual energy, because when you have an sexual act with your partner, you can  try to concentrate at that energy, offering to your partner all your sacred energy. If you do this in the right way your partner will feel this energy. This action will make him/her to desire you more and more. Take time for playing with kundalini energy.An experiment done by me, was to be in the car, while i was listening club music, lauder, speeding the car and wishing something for myself.
Because i practised the micturition exercises, i was watching the sky and repeating  that wish in my head.Repeating that mantra many time from the bottom of my hart, i realized that my body was vibrating. Let make clear that I wasn't driving myself, somebody was driving, so be careful and don't practice this exercise while you driving yourself. Like i said body was starting to vibrate and kundalini energy was awake ready to help me to complete my wish. If you have the same feelings and you past this kind of energies into your body, talk with us by leaving your comment and others can know more about the power of tantra.

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