Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tantric massage and happy ending


 Tantric massage is another sexual therapy for adults that use to excite and pleasure their partner until receive a strong orgasm till extaz. Tantra massage is a wonderful thing in its own right but also an amazing preamble to deep, connected sex between partners. Sex that is tactile, gentle, adoring and orgasmic.
One of the truly fascinating aspects of tantric massage is how the mind is engaged in the process waking up all emotions and beautiful feelings of both partners. Tantric massage  is a unique experience.

Sexual and tantric massage therapy

 How tantric massage should be done:

 slow,deep, all over massage performed on a massage table or on a small mattress, massage therapist need to charge its "bateries" for about 30 minute. Breathing exercise class you have probably had to endure during other tantric massages. It's really rather pointless in the absence of broader yogic practise and does very little we cannot achieve through massage.Is very important to think positive and attract only beautiful imagine when you practice breathing exercises. All this positive energy you will transmit to your partner, client, patient.

Duration of the massage depends on the length of your booking. For first time clients can book  60 minutes of massage services  and after they decide to book extra time for more kinky games etc.
Erotic massage or tantric massage usually  is starting from foot, continue with legs, sexual organs, hands, head and then followed by body to body massage with hot oil, or herbal oil, that will open all senses and make partner to relax and feel more comfortable. You can ask your partner to turn with face down so you can continue to massage back, legs  and play with soft touches on the bottom area of body. Using enough quantity of massage oil will make your body slippery on your partner, that will create a very sensual sensations, opening is sexual appetite for amour act.


 Union of sacred sexuality is something beneficial for physical brain and endorphins cells, that  contribute to your happiness.Sensuality massage is done by sensitive massage practitioners who  want to send their energy to their clients and are enough generous to transmit a good aura that can clear their  body, mind and soul. Once you meet this kind of massage therapist you you feel immediately that is an angel sent to you, to open your eyes to a magical world of Tantra. Tantra the sacred energy of divinity.Whilst everyone experiences tantric massage differently, the overwhelming response is one of relaxed arousal and calm connection. A bit of a contradiction in terms perhaps but you have to give it a go to understand what I mean.

When you like massage therapist feel like you cannot concentrate to your massage sessions is better to stop working in that day. Your neutral energy will be sent to your clients and they will feel you, this situation will only affect your business and that clients will never come back to book a massage session with you. Keep your mental busy with beautiful things, listen relaxing music, try to meditate few hours, put everything in order and repeat yourself some positive phrases learned from Yoga courses. 
Focus on good things, repeat yourself " I AM HAPPY!  I LOVE EVERYONE  AND EVERYONE LOVE ME! Repeat this phrases 10-20-100 times daily and see the effects after. You will thank me in one day. You will see some good changes in your life and you will meet only quality clients for your massage sessions. You will meet that people that will resonate with your personality.
For those that care about this sort of thing, or just don't 'get' the concept of energy work and tantric massage, better to don't offer tantric massage, you waste your time and others. Do something else that  you got knowledge about. Some people are good at tantric massage, some at therapeutic massage and others at physiotherapy. This types of massage services are totaly different.
We will write in the next articles more about erotic massage and happy ending massage. Keep an eye at our blog and learn more about Tantric Massage and happy ending.

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